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Rectangular Cake Box Cake Storage Container Carrier

Rectangular Cake Box Cake Storage Container Carrier

- Brand: Cuvrer
- Product Code: 069186
- Availability: In Stock
Price: £12.95


  • Size of plate: 30cm Length x 11cm Width x 9cm Height
  • Cake storage container and carrier designed specifically for rectangular cakes. Perfect for Swiss rolls, tea loaves, roulades and many other foods.
  • This premium quality container will keep cakes fresh at home or on the move, with secure latches and a comfortable soft grip handle.
  • Features: Material: polypropylene. Can also be used to store or transport bread, rolls and pastries. Dishwasher safe.
  • Beautiful food storage containers are 100% air, moisture & liquid tight. This particular set is especially useful for storing & keeping fresh food for use in your fridge, freezer and cupboards, but the containers in this set also have a wide range of other storage uses in and around the home. As these items are stackable they can save a considerable amount of cupboard/fridge space.
  • These excellent quality, vibrant multi coloured food storage containers are the perfect solution to efficiency and the first step towards a more organised kitchen. Not just identifiable by the bright lid colours, all the boxes are transparent so you can see from a distance what exactly lies inside.


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Rectangular Cake Box Cake Storage Container Carrier
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